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8+1 Science  new approach to science ed
Airboyd TV 
aviation & space videos
Aircraft:  Collings Foundation
 > Blue Angels  / Thunderbirds
Allan Hancock College
America's Climate Choices
Apple iPad NASA & Space Cases:
 > Zazzle / CafePress
APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy & Space Sites
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Now Magazine
Astrophotographers:  Jerry Lodriguss
 > R Jay GaBany / Russell  Crowman
 > Johannes SchedlerJason Ware
 > John SmithStephane Guisard
 > Rogelio B Andreo / Don Goldman
Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
Atascadero City Offices
Atascadero Galaxy Theater
Atascadero News
Atascadero Unified School District
Bad Astronomy  
Phil Plait
Beta Sigma Phi 2012 Convention
articles, blogs, videos
Cal Coast News
 > Dennis Eamon Young Photos
 > Education Call to Arms 
May 2011
 > Central Coast STEM Ed Forum 
May 2011
 > EI Balloon Fest  2011 / 2012 / 2012 AHC
 > NPP Sat Educator Launch Conf 
Oct 2011
 > Diablo Canyon Open House 
Dec 2011
California Classroom Science
California Council on Science & Tech
California Dept of EducationSTEM
California EdSource
California Energy Commission
California Math & Science Partnership
California Polytechnic State University
 > Arts  /  Athletics  /  CESaME  /  Forum
 > Music  /  Mustang Band  /  Maps
California STEM Learn Network  /  YouTube
California STEM Summit
Carnegie Institution  /  Observatories
Celestron Ultima 11 Telescope
Center for Climate & Energy Solutions
Central Coast Astronomical Society
Central Coast Climate Science Education
Central Coast Family
 > Journey of Wonder 
Mar 2009 PDF
 > Celebration of Discovery 
Sep 2009 PDF
 > Earth from Space 
Oct 2009 PDF
 > Celebration of Curiosity
Sep 2012 PDF
Central Coast STEM Collaborative
 > Videos:  Walt Reil  /  Steve Kliewer
Chandra X-ray Observatory
Change the Equation 
STEM education
Climate Central
Climate Choices
Climate Reality Project
Climate Science Rapid Response Team
Collaboration Soup
 > Videos:  Walt Reil  /  Steve Kliewer
Cuesta College  /  Physical Science  /  Maps
Daily Climate
Dancing Deer Farm  
Templeton, CA
Dark Ridge Observatory
Dennis Young Photo  /  Cal Coast Photos
Diablo Canyon Indep. Safety Committee
Discovery Institute of SLO
Educate to Innovate 
White House STEM Ed
Endeavour Center
Endeavour Institute  /  Prior
 > EI Balloon Fest  2011 / 2012
European Space Agency
 > Gallery  /  YouTube
European Southern Observatory  /  Images
Extreme Ice Survey 
James Balog
FIXNET / Impulse  /  Webmail
GLOBE Science Network
Google  /  Mail  /  Images  /  Maps
 > Education Apps  / For Educators
 > Science Fair  /  Tech Talks
Gran Sasso Neutrino Research 2009
Great American Melodrama
Ham Radio:  Ham Nation Radio Show
 > ARRL - American Radio Relay League
 > Ham Radio Communication with the ISS
Hearst Castle  /  Theater
Heaves Above:  Atascadero  /  SLO
Hubble Space Telescope:  STSCi  /  NASA
 > Hubblesite  / 
Tonight's Sky  /  Gallery
 > News  /  ESA Hubble  /  ESA Images
 > YouTube
International Polar Year 2007-2009
KCBX Radio
KECK Observatory Photo Gallery
Khan Academy
KPRL 1230 AM Radio Paso Robles
KSBY TV SLO  /  KSBY Weather
KVEC 920 AM Radio SLO
Large Binocular Telescope Photo Gallery

Math Playground  site for children
MIT World Videos
Moon:  Stardate  /  MoonConnection
Morro Bay Museum of Natural History
Mount Hebo Radar Station
Moving Image Archive  /  NASA
National Academy of Sciences  /  News
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Center for Science Education
National Climate Data Service
National Math & Science Initiative  /  Video
National Science Foundation  /  News
National Weather Service  /  Maps
New Times SLO
Next Generation Science Standards
Next Intent
NOAA:  Climate Services  /  News
NOAA:  Climate Program - Education
NOAO Image Gallery
Opportunity Equation 
STEM education
Orion Observatory
Pandora Web Radio
Paso Robles Park Cinemas
PBS TV:   Science & Nature  /  Archive
 > NOVA  /  NOVA Programs
Pew Center on Global Climate Change
PG&E:  Home  /  CURRENTS  /  NEXT 100
 > Diablo Canyon Power Plant  /  EEC
Planetary Society  /  Radio
Robotics:  FIRSTLego League
 > Junior Lego League
 > Central Coast Robotics
VEX Robotics
 > Arroyo Grande Eagles Team 1388
 > Atascadero Greybots Team 973
 > Dos Pueblos D'Penguineers Team 1717
 > Nipomo Titan Robotics
 > Orcutt Academy Spartatroniks Team 3512
Ron Reil:  Website  /  Weather Site
Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit
Scaled Composites
Science Daily News
SETI Institute  /  YouTube Channel
Skeptical Science
Sky & Telescope Magazine
monthly maps for printing
SLO Chamber of Commerce
SLO City of San Luis Obispo
SLO County Library
SLO County Office of Education
SLO County Office of Emerg Services
SLO Performing Arts Center

SLO Regional Rideshare
SLO Symphony
SLO Tribune
free education tutorials
Spaceflight Now
SpaceX  /  News  /  Photos
 > Video  /  YouTube
STEM Connector  /  STEM Daily
STEM Education Coalition
Stillwater Cinematography
Sunrise & Sunset Calculator
Supercharged Science
Symphony of Science
TED Talks  /  Dean Kamen  /  Black Hole
 > Education Paradigms
 > Salman Khan Education
 > Extreme Astrophysics
 > Bill Gates Energy
 > Brian Cox LHC  /  Problem  /  Explorers
 > Cassini to Saturn
 > Life on Saturn's Enceladus?
TEDx Talks
time lapse videos
public presentations
Universe Today  /  Astronomy Cast
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Global Climate Change Research
U.S. House of Rep Science, Space, Tech
U.S. News STEM Solutions Conf 2012
USGS:  EarthExplorer
Vandenberg AFB  /  Photos  /  YouTube

 > Launches:  Space Archive Launch Info
Vandenberg Amateur Astronomical Society
Very Large Array  /  Images  /  YouTube
Views of the Solar System
Vimeo  /  NASA
Virgin Galactic
Weather:  Pacific  /  National  /  SLO
White House Science & Technology
WorldWide Telescope
historical videos
YouTube  / 
YouTube Channels

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