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09/2012  PDF Article:  Celebration of Curiosity  Walt Reil, Central Coast Family
08/26/12, 09:00  Loss of NASA astronaut and spaceflight pioneer Neil Armstrong
08/24/12, 09:30  JPL wins one for all Americans!  Curiosity is safely on Mars!
Spacecraft Landing August 5th - Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity"  Check Walt's introduction of this rare event.
06/15/12, 18:00  Trip Report:  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open House 2012.  Walt's volunteer duty for the Deep Space Network.
05/26/12, 10:00  EVENTVenus transit of the Sun on June 5th 
05/20/12, 23:00  Bulletin:  What is Happening with STEM Education on California's Central Coast?  Light At the End of the Tunnel
Overview of Central Coast STEM Collaborative, California STEM Learning Network, Endeavour Institute, and Next Generation Science Standards
04/28/12, 16:07  EVENTFree, public Central Coast STEM Collaborative general meeting, May 9, 2012, Dancing Deer Farm, Templeton
03/31/12, 02:45  EVENTFree local public speaking events on Climate Science by Dr. Ray Weymann on April 3rd and 11th
03/30/12, 19:00  Commentary:  STEM Under Attack
03/20/12, 15:44  News & Events:  STEM Education, Earth Science, Space, Energy and Other News and Information
05/18/11  Commentary:  Education Call to Arms  Walt Reil, Cal Coast News
10/2009  PDF Article:  Celebration of Discovery: Earth from Space  Walt Reil & John Lindsey, Central Coast Family News
09/2009  PDF Article:  Celebration of Discovery  Walt Reil, Central Coast Family News
03/2009  PDF Article:  The Sky's the Limit: A Personal Journey of Wonder  Walt Reil, Central Coast Family News

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