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History Channel "The Universe" Programs on YouTube

Alien Galaxies
Alien Moons
Asteroid Attack
Beyond the Big Bang
Biggest Blasts
Biggest Things in Space
Catastrophes that Changed the Planets
Cosmic Holes
Cosmic Phenomena
Dark Future of the Sun
Dark Matter
Death Stars
Deep Space Disasters
Earth's Moon
End of Earth
Edge of Space
End of the Universe
How the Solar System Was Made
Hunt for Ringed Planets
Inner Planets - Mercury & Venus
It Fell from Space

Jupiter The Giant Planet
Light Speed
Liquid Universe
Living in Space
Magnetic Storm
Mars - The Red Planet
Mars - The New Evidence
Milky Way
Most Dangerous Places
Multiverse Parallel Universes
Mysteries of Earth's Moon
Outer Planets - Uranus, Neptune and Beyond
Pulsars & Quasars
Saturn Lord of the Rings
Secrets of the Sun
Seven Wonders of the Solar System
Sex in Space
Space Travel
Spaceship Earth
Time Travel
Total Eclipse
Unexplained Mysteries

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