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09/03/12  Walt's Blog - PDF Article:  Celebration of Curiosity  Walt Reil, Central Coast Family

08/26/12  Walt's Blog - Loss of pioneer NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong

08/06/12  Walt's Blog - Spectacular Success - Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity" Lands on Mars!

07/29/12  Education - Check out videos "Walt's Video Tribute to America's Winning System of Public Education"

07/28/12  Walt's Blog -  HEADS-UP!  Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity" Landing on Mars August 5th

07/22/12  Earth, Climate and Life Science  New postings
                  > June 2012 - Climate Change on Earth and Other Planets
                   > April 2012 - Congressional Hearing on Impacts of Rising Sea Levels on Domestic Infrastructures
                   > March 2012  - Interview with climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann

06/30/12  Earth, Climate and Life Science  New postings
                   > June 2012 - Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon & Washington: Past, Present, Future
                    > June 2012 - Climate Change: Lines of Evidence, Impacts and Choices

06/30/12  Education - First-ever national U.S. News "STEM Solutions Leadership Summit" results

06/25/12  Photo Gallery - NASA JPL & Caltech tour of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

06/15/12  Walt's Blog - NASA JPL Open House June 9-10, 2012  Report of Walt's support of Deep Space Operations

05/26/12  Walt's Blog - EVENT - Venus Transit of the Sun on June 5th

05/26/12  EVENT:  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open House June 9-10 2012   Pasadena

05/26/12  STEM Education:  Video: Change the Equation - STEM Salon 5/23/12   1 hr, 14 min
Discussion on business involvement in creating STEM-focused schools that form new pathways for students in
  postsecondary schooling and careers.

05/26/12  SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon Capsule Launch to ISS:  Video 1 - Falcon 9 Launch to ISS 05/22/12 
  Video 2 - Falcon 9 Launch  /  Video 3 - Dragon Flies Beneath ISS  /  Video 4 - Dragon Capsule Approaches ISS
  Video 5 - ISS Captures Dragon Capsule  /  Video 6 - ISS Crew Opens Dragon Capsule

05/26/12  May 20th Annual Solar Eclipse:
  > Earth views of the eclipse from around the world
  > View from space looking back on Earth, taken from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft

05/26/12  Dawn spacecraft mission to asteroid Vesta:  Video 1 - Mission Overview  /  Video 2 - Views of Vesta
  Video 3 - Dawn Launch  /  Video 4 - Spacecraft Launch Prep

05/25/12  Forbes - Early Education will Stem Women's Brain Drain in Science

05/25/12  CNN - Girl Scouts: Not Just Cookies.  We Want Science!

05/25/12  Sacramento Bee - Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Partners with Sophia to Help Students Fight
  Summer Brain Drain

05/25/12  ComputerWorld - New Push in Congress to Increase STEM Visas
  U.S. News Debate Club - Should Foreign STEM Grads Get Green Cards?

05/24/12  Bloomberg - Report: More Students Taking Math & Science  /  Condition of Education

05/23/12  Universe Today - Spectacular View of the Sun - The Zen of the Sun

03/20/12  Prior News & Events items - See Walt's Blog March 20th

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