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So you want to use your dog at stud?
by Danielle Camp

Although written for pugs, the parameters described apply to all breeds.

Copying of this work is prohibited without the express written consent of the author.

To Whom It May Concern,

Hi. I’m looking to breed my 3 year old pug, Jake. He is papered. I’m looking
to have him fixed soon, but I would like one of his namesakes to carry on
his name. I’m not looking for money, but I would like one of the pups.
Please get in touch with me. Maybe we can talk. Maybe you can put me in
touch with someone who can.

Thank you.



Hi, Gossimer:

This proposal sounds intriguing. I’m currently looking for a fawn stud for my BISS Ch. Larimar’s Stardust CD, CGC (BIS/BISS Ch. Larimar’s Chip Of The Old Block ROM x Ch. Jill’s Win-Chimes of Lil Mite ROM).

What line is Jake from and what is his percentage/ratio for linebreeding/ inbreeding/cofactor? I apologize; but I’m not familiar with his call name. I’ll need to know Jake’s CERF, OFA patella luxation and OFA CHD certification numbers, T3 & T4 test results, number of occurrences of hemivertebrae, PDE, and cleft palate through the fifth generation. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll need a negative brucellosis and bordetella licensed veterinarian certification from you. It’s not a bad idea to get a VetGen phenotyping either.

For the future get, I’ll also need copies of Jake’s titles and his AKC and/or CKC registration number(s). I’m especially interested in copies of his PDCA ROM and additional stars awards.

Since there’s no stud fee involved, I assume you’ll want pick? Dog or bitch? Will you be willing to agree to pay half of the cesarean if the cause should arise? If the whelps are larger than 6 ounces at parturition, it will be necessary. This seems only fair. Last time I got a good break and it was only $500, but unfortunately that vet retired this year and the new owner has raised everything to almost double! It’s hard to find a good pug vet!

Will you be doing a natural or artificial? If artificial, I’ll need you to send the frozen semen Overnight Express Mail. I’ll be willing to split the cost; $500 should cover it unless you are on the East Coast, then I’ll send $750. Please let me know where to send the check. I think it’s only fair that you take care of the semen analysis expense, since I will be doing the whelping and training. You should be able to find a Canine Semen Bank and Collection/Storage in your area. Be sure to get at least three vials. The last time I looked into having it done, it was about $900.00 – a lot less than before since more and more people are doing it.

If Jake does natural, let me know which airport to ship to (if you are outside of CA).

The rest of this story can be found in the June-July 2004 issue of Sheltie International. See subscription page on this website, or email

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