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KC2 Keyer/Freq. Counter/S-Meter/Wattmeter

The KC2 is a unique multi-function transceiver accessory. Despite its small size and low current drain it offers an Iambic keyer with message memory, 4-digit LCD frequency counter, bar-graph S-meter, and a digital wattmeter. The KC2 does not require a keyer paddle for configuration; four pushbutton switches are used to configure and control all KC2 functions. This allows the KC2 to be used with SSB as well as CW transceivers.

Most counters and other digital accessories use a 4Mhz or higher crystal clock frequency. If left unshielded, these units--particularly those with LEDs--may generate loud spurious signals that can be heard at many places in the tuning range of the receiver. In contrast, the KC2's microprocessor runs at a much lower clock speed--only 100kHz. In combination with a liquid crystal display and CMOS logic, this makes the KC2 one of the few digital accessories available that offers near-zero receiver noise. Even on a quiet band, the KC2 can be left on at all times.

While the KC2 was designed with the NorCal/Wilderness Sierra and NorCal Cascade transceivers in mind, it will work with many other rigs as well. If you use the KC2 with a rig not presently mentioned in Appendix E, please send us the details of your installation so we can include it in a future revision of this manual.


Current Drain          approx. 7mA at  7 to 18VDC
Size                   1.1"(H) x 2.9"(W) x 0.8"(D)  (27 x 75 x 20 cm)

----Frequency Counter----

Display                4-digit LCD;  0.1 kHz resolution;
                       hysteresis provided to eliminate digit flickering
Frequency Range        300kHz to 6.400MHz; requires non-multiplied VFO
Accuracy               +/- 0.2kHz over entire count range;
                       +/- 0.1kHz over any 500kHz segment
Input Level            1 to 10Vp-p;  1.5 to 3Vp-p recommended
Programming            4 programmable offsets stored in nonvolatile
                       memory; pushbutton offset adjustment

Keying Type            Iambic;  emulations:  Curtis mode A,
                       CMOS Super Keyer II (improved Curtis mode B)
Speed and Weight       8 to 50 WPM in 2-WPM steps; 8 weight levels
CW Messages            50+ characters, multiple partitions,
                       nonvolatile storage; RW (repeat word) macro


Display                8-segment bar graph;  length: 1.1"
Resolution, Accuracy   Not specified; suggested S-unit scale provided
Input Requirements     Audio signal, DC to 20kHz; works with any rig
                       that uses audio-derived AGC
Full-scale Sens.       100mVp-p to 10Vp-p  (adjustment provided)


Range                  0 to 9.9W in 0.1W increments;
                       if power is >9.9W, wattmeter will show "9.9"
Accuracy               +/-10% over 0-4W range when calibrated at 2.0W
                       +/-15% over 2-9W range when calibrated at 5.0W
Input Requirements     0-3.5VDC from detector


Price:       $75 + $6 shipping US/Canada/Mexico $8 DX

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