Sierra shown with KC2 (option) installed

Three new bands for your Sierra Transceiver!
With the solar cycle starting to pick up, it's time to dust off the 12 and 10 meter CW bands. Wilderness is now stocking complete band module kits for these two bands, as well as for 160 meters. On 160m (1.80-1.95MHz), the Sierra puts out around 3 watts. On 12m (24.89-24.95MHz) and 10m (28.0-28.15MHz), output will be 1.5 to 2.0 watts. Explore the frontiers of HF QRP!

The Sierra

The Sierra is the only compact, low-current, multiband transceiver kit available. Designed by N6KR and extensively field-tested by the NorCal QRP Club, the Sierra has been completely upgraded for Wilderness Radio--including a painted and silk-screened enclosure and improved performance on both transmit and receive. We've also added ABX -- an adjustable bandpass crystal filter.

The Sierra uses plug-in band modules for 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 meters. (You can build modules for the other bands by purchasing additional band module PC boards.) Since there is no band switch, and because all controls and connectors are mounted on the main board, there's virtually no chassis wiring.

For the portable operator, the Sierra offers very low receive-mode current drain: only 35mA. The superhet receiver has excellent AGC range and sensitivity, RIT, and a 400Hz crystal filter. Using ABX, you can vary the crystal filter's 6dB passband from about 150 to 1500Hz to adapt to operating conditions. Transmit power is about two watts. QSK is fast and clean.

In addition, there's built-in flexibility: extra panel and interior space that invites customization. You can even store up to four band modules inside the cabinet. Quick-release latches on either side of the cabinet provide easy access to internal controls and for changing band modules.

Inside Sierra
Sierra shown with KC2 (option) installed

For more details on the original NorCal version of the Sierra, refer to the article by N6KR in the 1996 ARRL Handbook.

Sierra Specifications

Note: Power output will vary somewhat on different bands and with different settings of the drive control. Unless otherwise noted, measurements were made with a 13.8V supply and 50 load at the antenna jack.


Size: Cabinet: 2.6"(H)x6.3"(W)x5.3"(D) Overall: 2.8"(H)x6.6"(W)x7.0"(D) Band Module: 1.25"(H)x4.0"(W) Weight: Approx. 2 lbs Power Requirements: 10 to 15VDC Receive: 35mA; 35-70mA when using speaker Transmit: 275-350mA at 2 watts (typical) Frequency Ranges: 3.5-3.65,7.-7.15, 10.0-10.15, 14.0-14.15,18.0-18.15,21.0-21.15 VFO operating range: 2.935 to 3.085 MHz, w/8:1 vernier Calibration: 5KHz increments, readable to 1kHz Drift: < 100Hz/hour after 30 min. warm-up (RIT off, 25C, top cover on)

Transmitter Power Output: 1.5 to 3 watts, depending on band Spurious products: -40dB or better (typical) Final Amp efficiency: 60-75% (typical) Transmit offset: 400-1000 Hz, adjustable Transmit-receive delay: 0.3 seconds nominal; adjustable

Receiver Sensitivity: Better than 0.5uV for 10dB S+N/N Selectivity: 150Hz wide to 1500Hz wide at -6dB using built-in ABX control; w/ ABX control at 50%: -6dB @400Hz, -32dB @ 1KHz AGC range: 60 to 80 dB (typical) I.F.: 4.915MHz; 4-pole Cohn Xtal filter plus single-crystal filter after I.F. amp R.I.T. Range: +/- 2KHz nominal (can be increased) Audio output: 0.3 watts max into 8 to 32 load

Sierra Compared to the OHR400:

-Far smaller (less than 1/3 the volume) and lighter (less than 1/2 the weight). The Sierra is the clear choice for backpacking.

-Only 1/10th the current drain (on receive, the OHR400 draws 300mA). This translates to much longer battery life in the field.

-NO WIRING: all controls and connectors mount to a single board. Compare this to over 50 discrete wires in the OHR400. The result is a clean interior and no unreliable band switch.

Sierra Pricing


The basic Sierra kit is $215, plus shipping ($9 U.S., $14 Canada/Mexico, $25 DX).

Package prices are as follows:

Band Module Kits are available at $31.00 + $6 shipping US/CAN/MEX and $8 DX.

Band module PC boards also available separately at $9.50 + $6 shipping US/CAN/MEX and $8 DX.

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